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Distracted Drivers Pose A Threat On Central Ohio Highways, Roads - Protect Your Rights With a Columbus Accident Attorney

To find one of the most dangerous of all Columbus drivers, all you have to do is walk outside your door and watch the traffic passing through your own neighborhood. Within minutes, you're guaranteed to see a distracted driver. It may even be someone you know. They are too preoccupied with a cell phone, texting, music player, navigation system or other mobile device to pay attention to surrounding road conditions. Stopped school bus? Sorry, too busy texting friends to arrange a meeting at the mall. Pedestrian in a crosswalk? Sorry, too busy trying to find the hottest musical tracks on an MP3 player. Stop sign? Sorry, too busy dialing home to make sure the family has everything they need to make dinner.

Distracted drivers who cause accidents must be held accountable. Columbus car accident lawyer Scott Smith understands how to build a personal injury case that gets results for clients. For a free consultation, call Scott Smith today at 888-311-5297.

Types of Car Crashes Due to Distracted Drivers

Driver distraction is especially dangerous because the driver usually has little or no time to either apply his brakes or to attempt an emergency maneuver to avoid the crash. That means a full-speed rear-end accident, pedestrian accident or bicycle accident is likely, resulting in severe injuries to the victims. An aggressive Columbus cell phone and texting accident lawyer knows the importance of going beyond the initial police report to investigate the accident. Re-interviewing witnesses who may have seen the distracted driver programming the navigation system while running a red light is essential to the case. An attorney can also obtain cell phone or other records that show whether a mobile device was being used at the exact time of the accident.

Cell phone and texting accidents also are infuriating because they are so easy to prevent - stay off the cell phone, don't text, etc. Too many people, especially teenagers, think they can multi-task while driving. Maybe they don't realize how much ground their car can cover when they take their eyes off the road for a few seconds. Maybe they don't care. Either way, you can make they pay through criminal and civil courts.

How Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer Scott Smith Can Help You

If you or someone in your family has been involved in a personal injury accident because a distracted driver in Central Ohio was ignoring basic safety rules, call Scott Smith today for a free consultation at 888-311-5297 or contact us online. If he agrees to take your case, it will be on a contingency fee basis. You owe Scott Smith nothing until he wins a financial settlement on your behalf.

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