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Ohio Among Most Dangerous States for Trucking Accidents

The Midwest is the most dangerous area in the nation for traffic accidents involving commercial trucks and buses, according to information released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. FMCSA is sponsoring Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Training (TBTET) as the summer travel season gets underway. The law enforcement training program is free to interested...

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Ohio Tort Reform Law A Hardship For Sexual Assault Victims

Tort reform in Ohio has many advocates, but changes to the state's legal system designed to provide people with the right to seek financial compensation for the reckless or negligent behavior of someone else has had unintended consequences for victims of violent crime. Family takes legal action In 2013, a woman who was sexually assaulted...

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How Younger Truck Drivers Could Make the Roads of Columbus Less Safe

Inexperienced truck drivers place all Columbus road users in danger. Drivers who do not have the skill and experience necessary to safely control large, heavy vehicles in all traffic situations can cause accidents, and these accidents cause serious injuries to the victims who are involved. Unfortunately, inexperience is a common problem among truck drivers in...

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Safety Tips for Columbus Truck Drivers

Truck accidents can cause devastating, permanent injuries to accident victims. Heavy cargo loads mean that commercial trucks have significant momentum with which to cause damage in a collision. This also means that truck drivers have a higher duty of care to which they must adhere in order to avoid being found negligent in causing a...

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Truck Underride Accidents Can Cause Devastating Injuries

Federal regulations require semi trucks to be equipped with bars on the back of trailers to prevent passenger vehicles from going under the trailer in the event of a rear-end collision. Such bars are not, however, required on the sides of semi truck trailers. This results in hundreds of side underride accidents across the United...

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Bad Tires Can Lead to Bad Accidents in Columbus This Winter

We reported last month on the risks of bus and truck accidents caused by vehicle defects.  But such risks are not exclusive to commercial drivers. In fact, worn or defective tires on passenger vehicles are a common cause of accidents, particularly during winter months. But hot summer months and heavy rain bring their own dangers when...

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The Risk of Injury and Death Caused by Columbus Road Debris

Ohio drivers face many risks on the road. While impaired driving, distracted driving, and sleepy driving are the focus of extensive media coverage and activism, road debris is a hazard which receives far less attention. Yet the dangers of road debris are very real for the Ohio families whose lives are affected by traffic accidents....

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