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Safety Tips for Columbus Truck Drivers

Truck accidents can cause devastating, permanent injuries to accident victims. Heavy cargo loads mean that commercial trucks have significant momentum with which to cause damage in a collision. This also means that truck drivers have a higher duty of care to which they must adhere in order to avoid being found negligent in causing a...

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Truck Underride Accidents Can Cause Devastating Injuries

Federal regulations require semi trucks to be equipped with bars on the back of trailers to prevent passenger vehicles from going under the trailer in the event of a rear-end collision. Such bars are not, however, required on the sides of semi truck trailers. This results in hundreds of side underride accidents across the United...

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Bad Tires Can Lead to Bad Accidents in Columbus This Winter

We reported last month on the risks of bus and truck accidents caused by vehicle defects.  But such risks are not exclusive to commercial drivers. In fact, worn or defective tires on passenger vehicles are a common cause of accidents, particularly during winter months. But hot summer months and heavy rain bring their own dangers when...

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The Risk of Injury and Death Caused by Columbus Road Debris

Ohio drivers face many risks on the road. While impaired driving, distracted driving, and sleepy driving are the focus of extensive media coverage and activism, road debris is a hazard which receives far less attention. Yet the dangers of road debris are very real for the Ohio families whose lives are affected by traffic accidents....

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High Trucker Turnover A Serious Problem On Ohio Roads

Driving commercial trucks was once a secure blue-collar job, sought after for its high pay and ample benefits. However, with the increased deregulation of the trucking industry, truck drivers are earning lower salaries and reaping minimum benefits. For many, truck driving can be an exhausting and stressful job. Long-distance driving in some of the most...

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Ohio Tractor-Trailers and the Risk of Rear-End Collisions

Of all the auto accidents which occur across Ohio on a daily basis, truck accidents tend to be among the most serious. Large trucks tend to cause more severe injuries, due to the added weight and size, which increases the truck's momentum in an accident. It becomes a more powerful mechanism of injury. When Columbus...

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Stagnant Federal Regulations Hurt Columbus Truck Accident Victims

Truck accidents kill and injure thousands of Americans every year. Yet outdated insurance regulations mean that many trucking companies carry insufficient coverage to compensate victims and their families for their devastating losses.  Although lives may never be the same, victims can seek some semblance of recovery through financial compensation from negligent truck drivers and their...

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Columbus Trucking Accident Risk Lowered by SCOTUS Ruling

A federal mandate requiring trucking carriers to install electronic hourly monitoring devices will stand, following the U.S. Supreme Court's decision not to review a lower court's ruling, as requested by trucking lobbyists.  As our Columbus trucking accident lawyers can tell you, fatigued truckers are one of the primary causes of serious and sometimes fatal crashes....

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