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Rely on a Helpful Defective Medical Device Attorney in Ohio

A defective medical device can cause extraordinary harm. There is a wide range of dangerous medical devices marketed to medical professionals who use them on patients, often without knowing that the device is harmful. You or a loved one may have received a defective hip implant or a defective transvaginal mesh or possibly a defective birth control device such as the Mirena IUD. In some cases, people suffer serious injuries and even fatal injuries, which may be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

If you were harmed by a dangerous medical device, you deserve justice. The insurance company may try to limit or deny your claim, or say that you were negligent in the use of the product. We're familiar with the tactics insurance carriers use to try to not pay compensation to injury victims.If you have our firm on your side, you can rest assured a tough-minded defective medical device lawyer in Ohio will take an aggressive stand. They may contact you and offer a settlement that doesn't begin to address some of the losses you are facing. If you have our firm on your side, you can rest assured a tough-minded defective medical device lawyer in Ohio will take an aggressive stand against the insurance companies to pursue the full compensation you rightfully deserve. Attorney Scott Elliot Smith can help you pursue compensation for your losses, but he realizes your case is about more than just money. It's about justice. It's about making sure you get the attention you rightfully deserve. It's about helping you get back to the place you were prior to the injury.

What You Should Know About Dangerous Medical Devices

Manufacturers of medical devices sometimes offer promises about their products that don't live up to reality. Makers of items such as the DePuy Acetabular Hip Replacement device and all hip implants/replacements made by Stryker may promise an improved quality of life for the patient. Unfortunately, their products might have the opposite effect. Patients have been harmed or even died as a result of defective medical products on the market.

Dangerous medical device claims typically fall into the product liability category of personal injury law. A lawsuit might be prompted by a design defect or improper warning. For example, the manufacturer may not have sufficiently tested the product for safety or failed to provide the medical community with sufficient accurate information on the product's performance or proper use.

How A Lawyer Can Help During a Difficult Time

Managing complex insurance company procedures involved in a dangerous medical device case can be daunting. That's why your call to 888-311-5297 can be a vital step to make sure your rights are protected. There is no fee for the initial consultation. At the Smith Law Office, we urge you to act now. Call or contact us online today.

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