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Discover How a Hazardous Products Attorney in Columbus Can Help

A harmful product can lead to severe injuries that can affect your life for months, years or even decades. If you or a loved one was injured by a hazardous product, you may be coping with significant losses. Medical bills can skyrocket. You may be unable to work and draw an income. You may need to plan for future costs related to rehabilitation.

Getting justice on your own can feel like an uphill battle. Manufacturers of defective products retain teams of attorneys and have plenty of resources on their side to protect their interests. If you or someone you know has been injured due to a defective product, level the playing field. Contact a Columbus dangerous product attorney who fights for justice. Contact the Smith Law Office. He knows how to assist clients who need to pursue a product liability lawsuit in Ohio.

Attorney Scott Elliot Smith is prepared to go head-to-head with the insurance companies and pursue maximum compensation for clients. And he knows your case is not just about the money. It's about getting closure. It's about putting your life back to the way it was prior to the injury. Attorney Scott Elliot Smith has the experience and resources to get clients the results they need and deserve. Call 888-311-5297. Talk to a determined dangerous product lawyer in Ohio to learn about your rights.

How Defective Products Can Harm You Or Your Family

A defective product may cause harm to you or your family members in any number of ways. The following are just a handful of common circumstances leading to a dangerous product injury or a wrongful death:

  • A fire or shock due to a defective appliance or household product (for example, a toaster, laptop computer or lamp)
  • An injury to a child playing with a dangerous toy or using a defective children's product such as a car seat or a crib
  • An auto accident occurs due to a defective automobile or defective car part

Product defect cases may arise out of a manufacturer's failure to provide sufficient warnings or instructions on the product. It's important to take action promptly to protect your right to pursue compensation.

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At the Smith Law Office, we are passionate about helping clients get the justice they deserve. Let an Ohio dangerous product attorney help you fight. Contact us online or call 888-311-5297 for a free consultation. As part of our contingency fee arrangement, you pay us no fees unless you win.

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