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You trusted your stockbroker to handle your investments, but now you've been financially harmed.  Perhaps you've lost a substantial amount of money in an investment scheme. Securities fraud, investor fraud or misconduct by a stockbroker can be devastating, but you can fight back. Just like medical malpractice attorneys can hold doctors accountable, Ohio stockbroker liability lawyer Scott Elliot Smith helps clients by holding stockbrokers and their firms accountable. When stockbrokers fail to meet the standards of care set by the law and the industry, they need to face the consequences.

If you have been harmed, the law is on your side. The Security Exchange Act protects individuals by requiring brokers-dealers to reasonably supervise employees in order to prevent violations of security laws. This means the stockbroker who is in violation of the Security Exchange Act is not the only individual who can be liable for your losses. The brokerage firm also may be liable for the misconduct of the stockbroker. In some cases, the firm may be liable for failing to train or supervise a broker.

Why a Stockbroker Liability Lawsuit May Be Necessary

We know how important your investments are for your future. That's why Attorney Scott Elliot Smith fights so hard for clients who have been harmed by stockbroker misconduct. Attorney Smith knows that powerful investment companies can be intimidating to people who typically are not involved in serious legal disputes. He understands - and he wants to speak up for you so you get the compensation you need and deserve for your losses.

The following are some of the examples of stockbroker malpractice that might lead to a lawsuit:

  • Failing to follow investor's instructions
  • A breach of fiduciary duty
  • Engaging in fraudulent account documentation
  • Creating falsified or misleading account statements
  • Manipulating the market or stock price
  • Having a conflict of interest
  • Stealing an investor's funds
  • Failing to disclose all risks
  • Failing to exercise due diligence (not fully researching the company, industry or risks involved)

When representing a client with a stockbroker liability case, we typically examine whether the stockbroker's employer has acted negligently. The firm might have hired a broker without conducting a complete background check. The firm also may have been negligent in providing appropriate supervision of the broker.

Discover How an Experienced Attorney Can Help You Get Back on Your Feet

Each stockbroker malpractice case is unique. The Smith Law Office will provide you with the personal attention you deserve and help you evaluate your potential case. Don't hesitate to contact us for a consultation. Find out how a stockbroker malpractice lawyer in Ohio can help. Call 888-311-5297 or contact us online.

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