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Construction Company Sued for Alleged Role in Accident in Construction Zone

Ohio car accident attorneyAccording to WDTN, an Ohio man was killed in an auto accident in a construction zone, after he accidentally drove through barricades that had been erected to block off a man-made ravine. Three other passengers were in the car and have filed a lawsuit. A wrongful death claim has also been filed in regards to the death of the Ohio man killed in the wreck. The lawsuit is against the construction company performing work in the area.

Our Columbus injury lawyers know that accidents happen in construction zones all the time, as these areas create many inherent dangers for drivers. When these crashes occur, whomever is considered responsible can be required to pay compensation to the accident victims. In this case, the passengers' lawsuits and the wrongful death lawsuit allege that it was the construction company that was to blame.

Construction Company Allegedly Responsible for Fatal Accident

WDTN indicates that an Ohio construction company  was hired by the Ohio Department of Transportation to perform work on Interstate-75. The construction company erected barrels and barriers while performing work in order to keep drivers from exiting into dangerous off-road areas. Construction companies routinely use cones and other barriers to direct traffic when their work has made part of the road unsafe.

Unfortunately, there are now allegations that the construction company failed to place the barrels in a location and manner that would prevent drivers from veering into dangerous territory. A driver who was traveling along I-75 crossed through a gap in the barricade that the construction company had erected. The man subsequently hit another truck that was already lodged inside of a man-made ravine.

The passengers who were involved in the crash have filed a claim against the construction company, arguing that its failure to properly barricade the area was negligent, and thus that the construction company should be to blame for losses. The passengers seek compensation for medical bills, mental anguish and missed work following the crash. A wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of the deceased also seeks wrongful death compensation for funeral expenses, lost companionship and lost support.

If it is determined that the construction company had a legal duty to drivers to block off the ravine and that the construction company failed in its duty, then the company may be liable for significant damages. The company may also decide to settle the cases outside of court by negotiating an agreement and paying a designated amount to resolve the wrongful death claim or the lawsuits on behalf of the passengers. Whether the company will settle or the plaintiffs will win in a lawsuit depends upon how clear the evidence is that the company's shortcomings were a cause of the crash.

Because the company was employed by the Ohio Department of Transportation, it may also be possible for those injured to pursue a claim against the DOT as well.

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