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At the Smith Law Office, serving Columbus and all of Central Ohio, our goal is not only to get clients the money they need for their losses. We want you to get closure. We want you to get back to the way you lived prior to the accident. With your best interests in mind, we will fight aggressively for your rights, whether you or a loved one was harmed by negligence or you need helpOur goal is to obtain the maximum compensation our clients rightfully deserve under Ohio law. pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Columbus personal injury lawyer Scott Elliot Smith is prepared to provide tireless representation for clients coping with all kinds of serious injuries.  At the Smith Law Office, our winning combination involves putting technology, resources and experience to work. That's how we get results. Our goal is to obtain the maximum compensation our clients rightfully deserve under Ohio law. We have the skills to represent you if you were injured in any type of accident, from a slip and fall accident to an accident involving a fire or explosion, and everything in between.

Why do I need a Columbus personal injury lawyer?

Many personal injury claims turn into complicated legal cases. Often, this is due to the insurance company (and the lawyers) for the at-fault party. They know there’s a lot of money at stake, especially if you sustained a serious injury.

As a result, the at-fault party’s insurance company will often do everything they can to reduce or deny your claim. This is why it’s critical that you have a lawyer on your side, standing up for your rights.

It’s also important that you have a lawyer who thoroughly understands Ohio’s legal system and its unique laws governing injury claims. That’s why you should hire an experienced Columbus personal injury attorney who knows the area and can serve as your voice for justice.

How much is my personal injury claim worth?

There’s no set dollar amount when it comes to certain types of personal injury claims in Ohio. Each case is unique and so is the monetary value of each one. That’s why one slip and fall accident claim in Columbus might be worth thousands of dollars while a similar injury accident might be worth significantly more.

The key is you should be financially compensated for all your injury-related expenses. What you might not realize is just how many expenses you can receive financial compensation for after your accident. That’s why it’s important to talk to a lawyer who can review the details of your case and provide an estimate for how much your personal injury claim might be worth.

What can I be compensated for?

The bottom line is you should be financially compensated for all your injury-related expenses, regardless of whether they come up right after your accident or months or years later. Such expenses can include:

  • All past, present and future anticipated medical expenses, including:
    • Emergency medical care
    • Surgical procedures
    • Follow-up doctor’s appointments
    • Prescription medications
    • Physical therapy
  • Replacement income if you cannot work while recovering from your injury.

Lost future income if you have a permanent disability due to your accident that prevents you from returning to work.

In addition to such economic damages (also known as compensatory damages) for expenses related to your injury, you may also be able to obtain money for what are known as non-economic damages or general damages in Ohio. These are more subjectively determined costs your injury caused, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of quality and enjoyment of life

Should I accept a settlement offer?

In many cases, the at-fault party’s insurance company will make a settlement offer soon after your accident. You might be tempted to accept such a financial offer, especially if you have a lot of bills coming in related to your personal injury accident.

But what you might not realize is once you accept such an offer, you cannot ask for any additional money in the future, even if your anticipated future expenses turn out to be much higher than expected.

Many quick settlement offers right after an accident often don’t take into account such future expenses. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider any offer and review it with a lawyer before agreeing to accept it.

Should I file a personal injury lawsuit?

Many times, the best way to get the money you deserve for your injury-related expenses is to file a personal injury lawsuit. Some of the common reasons why people decide to take legal action include:

  • The at-fault party (or their insurance company) make a lowball settlement offer that does not cover all your accident-related expenses.
  • The at-fault party’s insurance company refuses to negotiate in good faith and will not increase their initial settlement offer.
  • The at-fault party’s insurance company denies your claim for a variety of reasons, including that you somehow caused your injury or that your injury is a pre-existing medical condition.
  • You believe the best way to get the maximum financial compensation for your injury is by filing a personal injury lawsuit and going to court.

Building and presenting a successful legal case can be challenging. It’s also important that your lawyer understands how the court system works where you are filing your lawsuit. For example, if your injury took place in Columbus, you will likely need to take legal action in Franklin County. That’s why it’s critical that you talk to an experienced attorney right away.

How much time do I have to take legal action in Ohio?

Ohio has very strict deadlines (known as statute of limitations) when it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit. Generally, you only have two (2) years from the date of your injury to take legal action in most cases, according to Ohio Revised Code, Section 2305.10, which concerns “bodily injury or injury to personal property.” However, other deadlines can apply in certain circumstances, and only an experienced attorney can advise as to which deadlines apply in your case.

Regardless of the legal deadline, in a practical sense the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to build a strong legal case in support of your injury claim. Evidence can be lost or destroyed, including security camera footage of your injury. Witnesses might move away or forget what happened. Don’t miss out on your opportunity for justice. Talk to an experienced Columbus personal injury attorney to learn more about the legal options available to you.

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Victims of negligence have a right to pursue personal injury damages for their losses. Obtaining aggressive legal representation is one of the most effective means for ensuring that they receive the full amount they deserve. At the Smith Law Office, we're committed to helping clients successfully resolve their claims. If you or a loved one has been injured by another's negligence, contact a Columbus personal injury lawyer to schedule a free consultation. There is no obligation, and you pay us no fees unless we make a recovery. Call 614-874-1056 or contact us online.

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