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Ohio Trucking Accidents a Summer Road Trip Threat

Chicago truck accident attorneyMore trucks on the road as the economy recovers means more risk of traffic collisions. Between 2011 and 2012, there was a four percent increase in the number of truck accident deaths that occurred in the United States, according to recently released government statistics. Trucks can be dangerous and an accident with a large truck weighing 10,000 or more pounds often has a devastating impact on victims.

If you or a loved one was involved in a truck collision, a personal injury lawyer can help you to take legal action. Drivers should also know how to protect themselves on the roads and what they can do to reduce the risk of becoming involved in a truck accident.

Truck Accident Prevention is Essential

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently revealed some unpleasant data on the rise in truck accidents that happened over the course of the year. In total, the NHTSA indicates that 3,921 people were killed in collisions with large trucks in 2012. Another 104,000 people were also injured in truck accidents. In total, large trucks were involved in 330,000 accidents on U.S. roadways, with some crashes causing only property damage.

The people most likely to be victims of a fatal truck crash were occupants of other vehicles besides the truck. A total of 73 percent of people killed in fatal truck crashes were in another vehicle at the time of the accident. Eighteen percent of the deaths were truckers and another 10 percent were not occupants of any vehicle at the time they were killed.

While the number of non-occupant deaths declined 11 percent compared with the prior year, the number of truckers killed increased nine percent and the number of people killed in other vehicles increased five percent.

Since motorists who have to share the road with truckers are at the greatest risk of losing their lives if an accident occurs, drivers need to do everything they can to try to stay safe and avoid a collision. GEICO recently provided some tips to drivers for how they can prevent truck accidents. Drivers should:

  • Be aware of blind spots or "No Zones" where truck drivers are not able to see them. A quick way to tell if you are in a "No Zone" is to see if you can spot the trucker in the truck's mirrors. If you cannot, then you are in one of the blind spots.
  • Be aware of long truck stopping distances. When a trucker hits the brakes, it takes time for the force and momentum of the truck to slow. It could take the length of a football field for a trucker to stop depending upon his speed. Be sure to avoid getting in front of a truck or cutting off a trucker because the driver may not be able to stop before hitting your car.
  • Pass carefully. When you pass a trucker, you need to ensure that you are able to see the front of the truck in your rear-view mirror before you pull back over into the lane.

By following these simple tips and remembering to always obey the rules of the road, drivers can hopefully reduce the chances of summer trucking collisions.

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