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Bus and Truck Defects Can Cause Accidents on the Roads of Columbus

Chicago truck accident attorneyPassenger cars are not the only vehicles that can be involved in auto accidents. Semi-trucks, big rigs, municipal buses, private buses, and school buses can all cause serious injuries when involved in collisions. In many cases, the injuries caused by an Ohio truck or bus crash are more severe than those sustained in an accident with a smaller vehicle. This is because large vehicles are heavier and thus have more momentum and force when involved in an accident. Consult with a Columbus accident attorney as soon as possible after any type of traffic accident. Victims have legal rights which are subject to statutes of limitation.

The School Bus Recall That Could Endanger Children in Columbus

Recently, two major school bus manufacturers have issued widespread recalls of school buses in the United States. reports that Navistar and Daimler each recalled approximately 900 school buses. Navistar found a defect in the hose fittings for its vehicles' air brakes. This could lead to increased stopping distances or brake failures. Daimler, meanwhile, discovered that its buses had a propane line which was routed dangerously close to the transmission yoke. This is a fire hazard. Daimler will reportedly reroute the propane lines on affected bus models.

While all drivers and passengers face the risk of accidents caused by manufacturing defects, it is concerning to find such a concentration of dangerous defects on vehicles that are specifically designed to transport children. When accidents are caused by these types of defects, it is important for parents to hold manufacturers accountable for their negligence. This is the only way to prevent other children from sustaining similar injuries.

Products Liability Actions Under State and Federal Law

Whenever a vehicle (or any other product) causes injury, the victim may have a claim against the manufacturer for product liability. Both state and federal law create a cause of action for product liability. Ohio has codified its Products Liability Act at Sections 2307.71 through 2307.80 of the Ohio Revised Code. These statutes define important filing deadlines, eligibility requirements, different types of damages for which the plaintiff is eligible, and other important parameters of a products liability claim.

In some cases, plaintiffs in several different states will join together as a class in order to sue a manufacturer in federal court for injuries they have sustained from the same defective product. This is a class action lawsuit. Not all products liability suits must be filed as a class action. If a class action is filed, plaintiffs often have the right to opt out of the class and proceed with their own claim against the manufacturer. There are procedural requirements which must be met in order for a plaintiff to successfully opt out of a class. It is therefore important for plaintiffs to seek legal advice if they receive notice about a class action lawsuit resulting from a defective product that has injured them.

The legal claims process for a products liability action can be complicated. A Columbus truck accident attorney can help victims assert their legal rights after any type of auto accident.

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