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Long Truck Stopping Distances Can Cause Deadly Ohio Accidents

Ohio truck accident attorneyTrucks are much larger than passenger cars, and due to their size, trucks have a lot more momentum as they move forward on the roads. Unfortunately, this means trucks have a longer stopping distance. When a truck driver hits the brakes, the truck does not stop immediately. Depending upon the speed of the truck, it can take several seconds for the large vehicle to slow down and come to a stop. This can have serious and sometimes deadly consequences, as a recent Ohio accident shows.

Fox 8 reported on the recent car accident which involved a truck which was not able to stop on time to avoid a collision.

According to reports of the truck crash, the accident happened at approximately 2:00 PM on a Sunday on the Ohio turnpike. A total of 10 vehicles became involved in the accident, which caused seven injuries and which also caused the death of a little girl.

Ohio State Police indicate the likely cause of the crash was the failure of a commercial semi truck to stop on time. The commercial semi truck was reportedly traveling in an eastbound direction. He was moving through a construction zone where the roads had been reduced down to a single lane. The semi-truck driver reportedly failed to stop with sufficient distance.

Since the truck driver did not hit the brakes on time, the semi kept moving forward for too long. The truck ended up hitting a total of nine vehicles, causing the multi-car pileup on the turnpike. Vehicles which were impacted by the accident were not actually stopped at the time when the truck hit them, but the vehicles had slowed down in response to backed up traffic and the reduced speeds in the construction area.

Unfortunately, accidents like this one are far too common, especially in busy high-traffic areas like on the turnpike. All drivers have to leave sufficient space to avoid bumping into the backs of vehicles in front of them, because otherwise rear-end accidents are likely to happen. Trucks, especially, are at risk of hitting other vehicles if the truck is following too closely behind another car. Because tailgating is so dangerous for trucks, truck drivers should be aware of the paramount importance of leaving a sufficient amount of space.

If a truck driver fails to fulfill obligations to drive in a reasonably safe way, the trucker can be held liable for losses. Usually, for lapses in the line of duty, the employer of the trucker can also be held accountable for damages as well. The victims of the truck accident can recover compensation for economic and financial loss for serious injury or wrongful death, but must show the trucker was actually negligent in failing to stop his vehicle on time before causing the crash to occur.

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