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Driver Faces Criminal Charges After Ohio Motorcycle Accident

Ohio motorcycle accident attorneyEarlier this year, a 68-year-old Ohio man was killed in a devastating motorcycle accident. According to WFMJ, the man killed was a former chief of a local volunteer fire department. He was killed when he was struck by an SUV as he was riding his motorcycle. The driver of the SUV now faces six criminal charges for causing the death.

Our Columbus accident attorneys know that motorcycle accidents are far-too-common and are often fatal for the rider. Unfortunately, a mistake or a bad choice on the part of a driver is the cause of many of the motorcycle accidents that end in death.

Driver Charged With Criminal Acts After Motorcycle Accident Causes Death

 The driver who killed the 68-year-old Ohio man was traveling on route 956 on May 7th when she hit the rider. She was said to be driving in a reckless and careless way at the time of the accident and it is likely that she was either texting or on her cell phone at the time when she allegedly caused the fatal accident.

Because of her actions, she has been charged with homicide by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault. She was also charged with both careless driving and reckless driving as well as prohibited text-based communication.  The investigation into the accident continues and investigators are obtaining her telephone records in order to determine if texting and driving played a role in causing the crash.

Unfortunately, a driver behaving in such a reckless way is the primary cause of far too many serious and fatal traffic collisions.  Drivers are the cause of many motorcycle accidents because they drive while they are distracted; because they fail to obey safety rules; and because they simply do not understand how to be safe when sharing the road with a motorcyclist.

Even the best drivers can make mistakes and cause accidents when they fail to see riders, which has prompted a large-scale campaign called Look Twice, Save a Life. The campaign urges drivers to double check for a motorcycle before changing lanes or making a turn.   Drivers who are speeding, texting or driving recklessly have even less chance of seeing a motorcycle since bikes are so much smaller than cars.

When drivers cause accidents, innocent motorcycle riders are very likely to be the ones who pay for the driving mistakes. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has indicated that motorcycle riders are five times as likely to be injured and 30 times as likely to die in a car accident compared to those in passenger cars. Motorcycle riders are at greater risk of getting hurt or losing their lives because the bike doesn't shield them much from impact, and because getting  thrown from the bike is very common and can cause serious head injuries.

Drivers who cause motorcycle accidents that lead to death can be required to compensate surviving family members through a civil lawsuit, in addition to potentially facing criminal charges. This, of course, does not bring back the life lost due to bad driving decisions and careless behavior behind the wheel, but the restitutions can help support the family in the grieving period after the tragedy.

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