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The Case of Truck Collisions Vs. You

Motor vehicle collisions caused by commercial truck drivers are very different from car accidents for a multitude of reasons. I’m sure you are asking-“But why are truck accidents so unique”? I know the challenges that you and your family face as injury victims in a collision with a Truck. Commercial truck collisions are different from...

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Stagnant Federal Regulations Hurt Columbus Truck Accident Victims

Truck accidents kill and injure thousands of Americans every year. Yet outdated insurance regulations mean that many trucking companies carry insufficient coverage to compensate victims and their families for their devastating losses.  Although lives may never be the same, victims can seek some semblance of recovery through financial compensation from negligent truck drivers and their...

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Snowy Weather Creates Risk of Ohio Truck Accidents

Recently, a 60-vehicle pileup shut down an interstate in Ohio for 14 hours. USA Today reported the incident was "triggered by heavy lake-effect snow."  While the crash involved lots of different vehicles of all types, the initial crash started with a Greyhound bus and more than a dozen trucks.  The multi-car pileup left at least...

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Preventing Columbus Truck Accidents Through Better Training

A serious trucker shortage already exists and is getting worse. Truck drivers must be fully trained before getting behind the wheel in order to reduce the risk of truck accidents. There are concerns trucking companies may begin to hire more entry-level workers with limited experience as older truckers retire and trucking companies are faced with fewer hiring...

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Trends for 2016 That Could Affect Truck Accident Safety Risks

Truck accidents can be devastating for those involved in collisions because the truck's substantial size makes injury and death much more likely to occur.  Every motorist on the road, as well as professional truck drivers, should be aware of the risks of truck collisions and should take steps to prevent crashes from happening. Truck drivers...

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Ohio Among States Taking Steps to Curb Wrong-Way Accidents

New technology may help drivers avoid head-on collisions The State of Ohio has been working for some time to find ways to reduce wrong-way accidents, and help may be forthcoming at the national level.   New technology being developed by Atkins would warn drivers of hazards and potential collisions on the same route via an...

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Federal Laws Could Exacerbate Risk of Columbus Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are far too common, with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reporting that 330,000 trucks were in collisions causing 104,000 injuries and 3,921 fatalities in 2012 alone. Unfortunately, recent changes to federal laws and pending proposed changes to federal laws could only serve to make this problem worse- not better. Instead of trying to...

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Tips to Prevent Columbus Intersection Accidents

Intersections are one of the most dangerous places on the road. Drivers should take extra precautions at intersections and should be aware of risks. Many intersection accidents are side-impact or T-bone crashes, where one vehicle directly connects with the side of another and the two cars form a T. Prevention of these car accidents is...

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