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Reporting Ohio Trucking Accidents

Ohio truck accident attorneyTruck accidents are among the most complicated types of cases because you may have multiple different parties to hold accountable for losses the accident has caused. You need to make sure you know how to report your truck accident in Ohio so you are prepared to protect your rights and seek full and fair compensation for losses in the wake of a collision with a large commercial carrier.

How to Report Your Truck Accident in Ohio

After a truck accident, contact law enforcement right away. Truck accidents often cause very serious injuries because trucks are so large in size.  Police will typically be needed to help remove debris and incapacitated vehicles from the road and emergency medical personnel may be needed to provide care to victims. Police will also write accident reports, which can be used in collision investigations and which can help crash victims recover compensation for losses and damages.

You should try to obtain as much information as possible at the crash scene. A victim of a truck crash who is in a passenger car could turn to his own insurance, although only liability insurance is required for Ohio drivers. So the victim may be unable to get benefits form his insurer unless he has bought optional additional coverage. In most cases, truck crash victims will be compensated by the truck driver's insurer or by the trucking company's insurer. To get this coverage, you need to be able to show the truck driver is to blame. Take pictures of the crash scene, get witness contact information, and write down what happened so you can try to prove the trucker was at fault for the accident.

Motorists involved in a truck crash must determine all possible insurance companies that could be held responsible for covering collision losses. You should call your own insurance company right away and let them know about the crash.  You should also find out who the trucker is covered by and who the trucker works for. Get contact information from the truck driver, including his insurance information and the information about his employer an/or the owner of the tractor and trailer. The truck driver must notify his insurer and the employer of the crash, but you will want to follow up in order to ensure proper notifications have been made.

If the truck driver was at fault, the trucker's insurer and/or the insurer for the trucking company may reach out to you to try to negotiate a settlement. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) applicable to commercial drivers require as much as $750,000 minimum in liability coverage or as much as $5 million in liability coverage when hazardous materials are being transported. There may be significant amounts of insurance available to provide full and fair compensation after a collision so be sure to understand your rights and do not agree to settle a truck crash case without first speaking with an experienced trucking accident attorney in Ohio.

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