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Bad Faith Insurance

Columbus Car and Truck Accident Victims Need a Compassionate Lawyer When the Insurance Companies Are Causing Trouble

The insurance company is obligated to handle your claim with a reasonable degree of efficiency and ethical conduct if you are injured or if you sustain property damage. We know how frustrating it can be when insurance companies fail to hold up their end of the deal. You probably have paid thousands of dollars for your insurance policy. It's wrong when the insurance company does not honor its obligation to cover you or a loved one.

If you are a victim of this type of insurance company action - known as "bad faith insurance" - you may be eligible for damages, or compensation. Insurance companies have a duty to deal fairly with their customers. Unfortunately, these big companies sometimes put profits before people and fail to treat their policyholders fairly.

At the Smith Law Office, you can find help. If you are looking for a bad faith insurance lawyer in Columbus, contact us today. We are prepared to fight for the claim you deserve. Attorney Scott Elliot Smith is not afraid to take on insurance companies acting in bad faith.

Taking a Stand Against Insurance Companies That Act in Bad Faith

A bad faith insurance claim in Ohio might be initiated by any of the following circumstances:

  • An unreasonably low offer to compensate for damages
  • Ambiguous wording in the policy
  • Denial or delay of a claim without reason
  • Delay in payment while waiting on a settlement with a third-party insurer
  • Refusing a settlement offer and then losing in court for an amount larger than is provided for in the policy
  • Intentional fraud or deception
  • Failure to investigate or perform due diligence
  • Failure to act within a reasonable time

Don't Let The Insurance Company Treat You Unfairly. Take Action Today!

You need an experienced attorney who knows how to build a winning case to pursue the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries and fair compensation for the insurance company's actions. Scott Elliot Smith will determine the total amount of damages you have suffered as a result of your accident. This includes past and future medical expenses for treating your injury, as well as lost wages if you were unable to work. It may also include other damages, such as pain and suffering and emotional distress. And if payment has been unreasonably delayed or denied, he'll investigate to find the effects of those actions on your life as well.

The insurance company will do everything they can to reduce or deny your claim. Scott Elliot Smith fights to get a resolution of your claim that meets your needs. Sometimes, he is able to do that through negotiation after building a strong case. But if the insurance company won't negotiate - and if they're acting in bad faith, that's often the case - he fights them in court.

Contact the Smith Law Office, right now if you or a loved one has been a victim of an unscrupulous insurance company. An accident attorney will assist you or your loved one. Remember, you don't pay us any fees unless we get money for you. Call 614-874-1056 today for your free personal injury consultation.

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