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Rear-End Accidents

Struck from behind in rear-end accident? Hit back with an aggressive personal injury lawyer

Chances are, you never saw it coming. You're stopped in traffic, perhaps behind a school bus or at a stoplight. If you're lucky, you heard the squeal of brakes and looked in your rear-view mirror just in time to see someone running into your vehicle, followed by the sound of crunching metal and breaking glass. This is where you learn that there is no such thing as a "simple" or "minor" accident. You need to contact a Columbus, Ohio read-end accident lawyer about representing your interests as soon as it is practical.

Despite the circumstances, the other driver is unlikely to accept full responsibility for the accident. They probably will try to tell police and their insurance adjuster that you unexpectedly stopped short or that your brake lights - now broken as a result of the crash - were not functioning. Dealing with insurance companies is rarely a satisfying experience. The other driver's insurer may tempt you with an early settlement offer because they really know that you are entitled to more money. Even your own insurance company is in business for one reason - to make money. They may urge you to make a statement and then use their own experts to use your own words against you. Before talking over the accident over with any insurance company, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Central Ohio.

Where Do Rear-End Collisions Happen in Ohio?

Typical sites for a rear-end accident to occur include:

  • A stoplight
  • A stop sign
  • Two-lane roads, when drivers stop to wait for oncoming traffic to cease in order to turn left
  • Highways, when traffic slows for a construction area

The insurance company adjuster may want to report that your rear-end crash was minor, but the reality is your injuries may be quite severe, ranging from broken bones to internal injuries. Because the insurance company will be looking to keep any compensation to a minimum, it's important to have every bump, bruise and scrape as well as any neck and back pain documented by medical personnel at the scene. Even if your injuries do not require emergency assistance, be sure to make an appointment with your own doctor as soon as possible. It's possible that even a small bruise could be the sign of a much more serious injury that develops hours or even days later. In any case, you want to begin building a medical record right away to preserve your rights. Otherwise, someone could claim later that you were never injured at all.

How Columbus Rear-End Personal Injury Lawyer Scott Elliot Smith Can Help You

Scott Elliot Smith will investigate your accident to look for evidence that the other driver was responsible for what happened. He knows how to build a strong case that the insurance company can't ignore. Often, this convinces the insurance company to negotiate a settlement that meets your needs. But if they won't negotiate, he will fight for you at trial.

If you or someone in your family has been involved in a rear-end accident, call Scott Elliot Smith today for a free consultation at 614-874-1056 or contact us online. It costs you nothing, and you may learn that you are entitled to a substantial financial settlement to pay for your costs, lost wages and other expenses. Because he works on a contingency fee basis, you pay no fees until he wins compensation for you.

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