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Securities Fraud

A Securities Fraud Lawyer in Ohio Who Puts Experience to Work for Clients

Securities investing and trading is carefully regulated for the protection of public investors. Securities fraud happens when an individual or a company violates these regulations. Often, securities fraud is committed through various deceptive actions and schemes to cheat or take advantage of investors. The following individuals or entities may be named in a securities fraud lawsuit if they violate rules or the law:

  • Brokers-dealers (misleading clients or advising based on inside information)
  • Financial advisers or analysts (purposefully offering poor advice or inside information)
  • Corporations (hiding or distorting information)
  • Private investors (acting on inside information)

Most investment losses are the result of market forces, trends and factors which have nothing to do with securities fraud, but unfortunately some losses can be traced back to an unethical investment adviser or stockbroker. In some cases, the brokerage firm failed to properly supervise or train the broker. If you believe you are a victim of securities fraud, don't hesitate to call 888-311-5297. You may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

How a Securities Fraud Attorney in Ohio Can Help

Securities include but are not limited to stocks, bonds, options, limited partnerships, mutual funds, and certain commodities. In many cases, investors who have been defrauded do not realize what happened until they have lost a lot of money. With an experienced securities fraud attorney on your side, you may be entitled to compensation not only for those losses, but for the loss of income that your investments should have been generating. The Smith Law Office can help you pursue compensation for interest on your losses as well as legal fees.

A securities fraud lawsuit may be necessary if you have been the victim of bad investment advice. For example, your stockbroker may have recommended risky investments without fully explaining the risks involved. In other cases, a stockbroker may have made trades without your understanding or authorization. Or perhaps your stockbroker excessively traded on your account.

Our law firm represents a wide range of people in Ohio who have been harmed by securities fraud. Attorney Scott Elliot Smith knows that investment fraud can have a devastating impact on you and your family. You may feel powerless and perhaps even intimidated by the big investment company that may deny doing anything wrong. An Ohio investment fraud lawyer can help you through the process by being your voice. At the Smith Law Office, we can work hard to help you prove the fraudulent activity on the part of a financial adviser, brokerage firm or other entity.

Contact Us About Your Potential Investment Fraud Lawsuit

Securities fraud can bring so much uncertainty into your life, but you can fight back by contacting an experienced investment fraud lawyer in Columbus, Ohio. We can help you get back on your life back on track. Discover how a securities fraud attorney in Ohio can make a difference. Call 888-311-5297 or contact us online.

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