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Third-Party Claims

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Under Ohio workers' compensation statutes, you are entitled to recover compensation if you are injured on the job, which includes compensation for a portion of your lost wages and your medical expenses. The law is not about negligence or determining who was at fault. Your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier will cover your injury and in most cases cannot refuse to compensate you.

In some on-the-job accidents, someone other than your employer is found to be negligent. When this happens, a "third-party claim" can be filed against the negligent party in addition to a workers' compensation claim. In these claims, you may be able to obtain compensation beyond your lost wages and medical expenses. If another party was at fault, you can pursue claims related to your pain and suffering and other non-monetary types of damages. (Please note: the Smith Law Office does not accept workers' compensation cases, but will handle third-party workplace accident claims. If you're not sure whether you have a third-party claim, call us for a free consultation. Call 614-874-1056).

Workplace Injuries and Third-Party Negligence

Constructions accidents often lead to third-party claims. Serious workplace injuries may be the result of third-party negligence if, for example, a worker on a construction site is harmed due to the negligence of a contractor, subcontractor or other negligent party. Third-party cases might involve any number of severe injuries, from broken bones to spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. When the negligence is traced back to someone other than your employer, you may be able to pursue damages related to pain and suffering in addition to medical treatment and lost wages.

How an Experienced Workplace Injury Lawyer Can Help

A free consultation is your first step on the road to recovery toward peace of mind - financially, emotionally and mentally. Call 614-874-1056 or contact us online. Scott  Elliot Smith will aggressively seek justice for you. His goal is not only to get you compensation for your losses, but to help you get your life back to the way it should be.

He works on a contingency fee basis. In other words, he doesn't collect a penny from you until he wins your case.

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